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Exclusive: Propeller has backed 14 ocean-focused startups

Propeller, a VC firm focused on oceans and climate, closed its inaugural fund at $117 million and has invested in 14 portfolio companies, the firm tells Axios exclusively.

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Oceans help us mitigate climate change. But is it enough?

Dr. Julie Pullen explores all the ways oceans benefit us across the globe on World Oceans Day.


Propelling a new wave of ocean-climate solutions

WHOI researchers get a boost from climate-tech fund Propeller.


To fix the climate, these 10 investors are betting the house on the ocean

Climate change is a problem important and pressing enough that investors have begun to grasp the opportunities that arise when trying to solve it. Now, they’ve started to cast their nets wider for other, adjacent opportunities...

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Is ocean conservation the next climate tech? 7 investors explain why they’re all in

For an ecosystem that covers a majority of the planet, the oceans have basically been ignored by startups and investors alike...

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Why ocean climate tech deserves more respect

The tide is turning in our knowledge about the ocean’s depths and the critical role it could play in mitigating climate change...

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Why Climate Tech Is Getting Broader and Narrower at the Same Time

The proliferation of funds and projects at every scale is a feature, not a bug, of a market that will put trillions of dollars into decarbonizing the economy...


A New VC Fund Will Put $100 Million into Decarbonizing the Ocean

Boston-based Propeller is looking for “narwhals”: billion-dollar startups developing marine technology that can help solve the climate crisis...

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New ocean tech fund makes waves

Propeller, a fund that invests in companies tackling climate change via ocean solutions, unveiled its first $100 million venture fund on Thursday...

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HubSpot’s Brian Halligan launches $100 million investment fund focused on climate change

The former CEO is backing startups that focus on the ocean...

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