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The Ocean MBA


Propeller's Ocean MBA program condenses startup strategy, knowledge, network and mentorship into just a few days, quickly putting ocean entrepreneurs on a speedy course to success.

cambridge, ma

spring session

In our spring session, we bring together mission-driven founders to participate in a rigorous few days of work. The program is meant to push you as a founder, with a focus on startup case studies on strategy, fundraising, commercializing climate tech and more. Working sessions, and one on one mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and operators make for a robust learning environment.

The Ocean MBA is also your chance to get to know Propeller, and to pitch us. It’s our chance to get to know you and your business. And it’s on all of us, to inspire and be inspired by another cohort of stellar innovators.

Feedback from founders

“This was the most concentrated, useful time we have spent since starting up.”

“You all need to figure out how to make that accessible to more founders. We learned so, so much.

You all put together an incredible set of engaging speakers on topics that really matter for climate tech. I was especially struck by how deeply human all of the speakers were. They were open and vulnerable and willing to share the struggles they went through. They were not just pontificators. I think one of my biggest takeaways was the realization that there are so many individuals working in this space to approach the climate change problem, from so many different directions. It was inspiring!”

The Ocean MBA has absolutely been a blast!! Lot's of amazing people, fantastic talks, I also really loved practical exercises and support from mentors was priceless! I don't know any other places where so many great mentors are involved -- you folks set a very high bar, please keep this up!”

“Learned a lot, made a lot of new friends, and am walking away with some tools to build the company even better. Can't ask for more.”

Woods Hole, MA

winter session

With the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as the backdrop, our winter session is open to vetted WHOI researchers with outstanding innovations at the ocean-climate nexus.  Here we run an action packed schedule of case studies, hackathons, networking, and guest lecturers focused on how to bring this early stage research and innovation to market. Built for the scientist turned entrepreneur, this program focuses on customer development, sales, marketing, product, and finance.

Between honing your pitch and meeting with Propeller partners, this session gives WHOI researchers a jumpstart on commercializing their innovation and scaling their impact.

our partners

Our friends at Goodwin Procter LLP are some of the best in the business. We're proud to work with them at Propeller and to have them as our exclusive legal partner for the Ocean MBA. In addition to their support of the program, Goodwin generously shares their time and expertise with founders at the Ocean MBA. 

Goodwin PNG

The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship is full of experienced founders and operators teaching the craft of entrepreneurship and it's the perfect location for our Ocean MBA. We're grateful for The Martin Trust Center to host and partner with Propeller again this year.


Our founding ocean science partner Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution provides amazing perspective and insights into the latest in ocean research. 


HubSpot features prominently at the Ocean MBA because the startup lessons learned are so valuable to any founder. We appreciate all the HubSpot leadership who spend time with our Ocean MBA fellows.